Iron Fencing in Tempe


Ornamental iron fences are a classic and modern way to fence in your Tempe property line, driveway, patio, and swimming pool. They can be installed for both residential and commercial properties. Tempe Fence Builder iron fences display your property while protecting it, showing off your maintained landscape and manicured lawn.

Modern iron fences are made from steel, which is perfect for curved and detailed designs. Modern iron fencing is not wrought iron, which is made from raw iron. Ornamental iron fences tend to have a cleaner, more consistent look than the more intricate wrought iron. Ornamental iron fences tend to be an investment and they do need some yearly maintenance, but they are not as expensive as wrought iron. Rust spots and paint chipping is to be expected over time in our Tempe climate.Tempe-iron-fence

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